Saturday, January 14, 2017

Congo Memories Night in Kilcullen

A new 'Memories Night' planned for Thursday 16 February will centre around Kilcullen soldiers who went to the Belgian Congo with the United Nations in the early 1960s, writes Brian Byrne.

The event is being organised by Mary Orford and Julie O'Donoghue, and will be held in Kilcullen Community Library. They have organised previous 'Memories' events relating to WW1, Life in Kilcullen in the 1950s, and about sports.

A number of former soldiers have already agreed to attend andtell of their experiences, and the organisers are issuing an open invitation to any others to come, and also the families of soldiers who served.

"There was always a very strong connection between Kilcullen and the Curragh Camp," says Julie. "So there's an equally strong story about Kilcullen and the Congo, and I hope we'll hear that told on the night."