Wednesday, April 03, 2024

Disappointment at KCC response to signs request

Old signage in Kilcullen (which doesn't always point in the right directions).

Disappointment has been expressed to the response from Kildare County Council to a request to provide street and laneway name signage in Kilcullen, writes Brian Byrne. Cllr Tracey O'Dwyer told the recent meeting of the Kildare-Newbridge MD that road and laneway names 'tell the history' of a town, which she believes is essential to supporting and developing its character.
The councillor had raised the matter by way of question, saying that such signage would assist tourists in locating the many attractions in Kilcullen. Officials said the Transport Department have no plans to instal additional signs, and that there is a preference to keep signage to a minimum in town centres.
The report also said that any development of bespoke signs on streets and laneways would require careful coordination to maintain the character of the town centre, "in particular where heritage buildings are impacted." Officials also suggested the community might identify locations where signs are required, and then next steps in the process of funding and provision could be considered.
Cllr O'Dwyer said she noted the report 'but did not accept it'. "I will continue to work on this," she said. 

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