Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Ballyshannon: Inspector's report was amended

An original Inspector's Report on the proposed Kilsaran quarry site at Racefield, Ballyshannon was amended by him to remove the third of three reasons why he had recommended refusing permission for the development, writes Brian Byrne.

In his original report to An Bord Pleanala, completed in July 2020, the Inspector had recommended refusal on the basis of dangers to road users from traffic generated by the development, a 'serious' injuring of the amenities of nearby properties, and concerns about adverse effects on the rivers Barrow and Nore as Special Areas of Conservation European sites.

However, following a further submission from Kilsaran made in October 2020, on request from ABP, the Inspector said in a supplementary report dated 12 May 2021 that he was satisfied that his previous reason no. 3 could be removed from his original recommendation.

This still left intact his recommendation that the project should be refused permission.

In their decision not to accept their Inspector's recommendation, ABP say that proposals submitted [by Kilsaran] to accommodate increased HGV activity in the vicinity 'would be acceptable in terms of traffic safety and inconvenience'. They also say that average increase in noise levels from the development would be 'unlikely to give rise to complaints'. The Board also say that it 'had not been demonstrated that the proposed development would depreciate the value of properties in the area'.

The appeal was granted in favour of the applicant with 11 conditions.

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