Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Drama Dynamics is Zooming along

One of Evelyn's students at class online.
The level of managing the Covid-19 situation by people in business in Kilcullen is quite astounding, writes Brian Byrne. Much hinges on the use of information technology, and communication apps.

Evelyn O'Sullivan is one of those whose face-to-face business of Drama Dynamics had to yield to the physical distancing rules, but she has just completed a couple of day of meeting with and teaching her students online, using the same Zoom app as does Yuki Kobayashi with her Tai Chi class.

"It has been busy work-wise in the new norm," Evelyn says. "Technically speaking I downloaded the Zoom app. I send a link via email for the class to the parents. I am staying with the usual class times for everybody to make it as normal as possible. I even have my mug of coffee and my scented candle lighting! It is a simple process, once you get the hang of it."

The parents sign on at the same time, and all technical issues are now resolved. "I have parents who are very tech-savvy and parents who are not, but they are all using the new system quickly. I was unsure of myself before the first class but I was thrilled with the result. It was lovely for me to see the kids and for the kids to see each other."

So too has been the feedback from parents. "They loved your class, looking forward to the next." "Well done again, both of mine are thrilled with it." "He really enjoyed the class." "It was a great experience for him after watching his Daddy doing Zoom videos all week!"

Evelyn has also been able to work with her Adult Class, which is currently in rehearsals for their next production. Great for everyone's morale. Let's keep it going.

EDITOR NOTE: If you're out shopping or walking, do PLEASE observe physical distancing. If we're sensible, it will help a lot. 

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