Saturday, December 14, 2019

Christmas Bridge is out

There's a lot of colour in the December issue of The Bridge, with seasonal advertisements and news feature highlights of the last month, writes Brian Byrne.

On sale from today in the usual outlets, it's easily spotted with 'The Faces of Christmas' front cover of pictures from Philip Cummins of the Kilcullen Photography Club.

Lots of pictures inside too from the Kilcullen Community Awards, and the Olympians Night in the Kilcullen Community Centre, as well as a recent reunion of CPC students.

Another seasonal touch is the feature from Mary Orford on the 'Red Candle in the Window' that's a part of traditional Irish Christmas. In her Spirit in The Bridge column, Julie Felsbergs suggests we take time out from overspending and overeating to look around our neighbourhoods and see if there are any forgotten families or individuals.

A report from two Kilcullen soldiers serving in Syria as peace monitors over Christmas gives us another perspective from a part of the world where the whole Christian business began, another bit of food for thought.

Amongst the regulars, Sean Landers is taking a look around the square in Kilcullen as he remembers it and its residents while he was growing up. This is one of those articles that's a gem for the local historians, otherwise valuable and fascinating detail gets lost forever.

Sabina Reddy is grilled by 20 questions, there are schools and a little sport, the roundup of activities from KCA, and what's happening on the animal front with KWWSPCA. And a bunch of other news and views.

For €2, where else would you be getting all that?

(NOTE: As usual, there'll be no Bridge in January.)

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