Friday, October 01, 2021

A good time to get your boiler checked

The warm weather has slipped away from us and it's time to be thinking about getting that central heating boiler looked at.

Have the system checked and serviced, before the rush and you're part of a longish list of calls. If your central heating is oil or gas-fired, have it checked. The last thing you need is a breakdown which, by some unnamed natural law, will always happen at the worst time.

Getting your boiler serviced regularly will also save you money. A boiler burning inefficiently wastes fuel. It also adds excess carbon into the environment. You really don't want either of those.

The modern oil-fired boiler is an exceptionally efficient unit, but if not maintained regularly can quickly soot up. That can tip over into giving you an icy cold house at the most inconvenient time.

Soot on the heat exchangers. Worn-out pressure jet nozzles. Deposits on photocells. Maladjusted electrodes. One, some, or all of these need to be checked for by someone skilled in servicing.

Your service engineer will also check filters and fittings related to the oil supply. Any blockages or leaks can equally cause difficulties at a time when you need your heating most.

In Kilcullen, call Aidan from AOM Heating & Plumbing at 085 7548147. Have the check done now, not when everything has suddenly stopped. And if it already has, give him a call, he's local, he'll be there quickly.

And don't forget your elderly neighbours ... check in on them to make sure that their heating system is running cleanly, before they need it.

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