Saturday, March 23, 2019

Sol missed breakfast

Though the weather has some sunshine promised over the weekend, the same Sol wasn't inclined to come through the clouds this morning for the annual Spring Equinox Saturday gathering at the Dun Ailinne monument, writes Brian Byrne.

Still, it was a nice morning to be up early, and there were a few new faces among the usual hardy group, and Ray Kelly got to have 'Happy Birthday' sung in Kilcullen's very special location. And the Interpretive Park was really looking good, thanks to the work by Michael Haslam on behalf of Kilcullen Community Action.

And then it was back to Ray and Fiona's home just down the road for the familiar brown bread, and sausages provided by Nolans, and tea and coffee and muffins and scones ...

Many thanks again for the Kelly hospitality. And as there's a window of a few days either side of the actual equinox of last Wednesday, there's always tomorrow morning? Maybe.

Half an hour later, above and below, Sol still wasn't inclined to appear.

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