Monday, September 03, 2018

Hazel's latest launches this weekend

The North American and the UK & Ireland covers.
Kilcullen-based writer Hazel Gaynor has a new book coming on the shelves this week, 'The Lighthouse Keeper's Daughter', writes Brian Byrne.

The book is being launched by publisher HarperCollins simultaneously in Ireland, the UK and Australia/New Zealand on 6 September, and in the US and Canada on 10 September.

As with all of Hazel's works, the story is based on true events, in this instance around female lighthouse keepers in the 19th and 20th centuries. Her imagination links two such women who are a hundred years and an ocean apart, both of whom perform acts of courage and love.

A launch will be held in Woodbine Books in Kilcullen on Saturday next 8 September, from 3pm-4pm.

'The Lighthouse Keeper's Daughter' follows on from Hazel's 'The Cottingley Secret' published last year, 'The Girl from the Savoy' in 2016, 'A Memory of Violets' in 2015, and her first novel, 'The Girl who Came Home' — self-published in 2012 and later republished by Harper Collins.

A co-written book with American writer Heather Webb, 'Meet me in Monaco' is coming in the summer of next year. Hazel and Heather have collaborated across the Atlantic before, with the WW1 love story 'Last Christmas in Paris'. Hazel also contributed a story to 'Fall of Poppies', a compendium of short stories set around WW1, in 2016.

She is a co-founder of The Inspiration Project, with Sunday Times/Irish Times bestseller Carmel Harrington and USA Today/Irish Times bestseller Catherine Ryan Howard, which organises a series of weekends away for people with the common interest of writing.

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