Wednesday, August 01, 2018

Names coming in for 'Rags' pictures ... any more?

Steve Schwer, Timmy Lynch, Pat Lynch Seamie Aspell and Martin Kennedy.
These photographs of 'The Rags' have been given to the Diary by Garry Lambe, who found them when clearing out the late Timmy and Margaret Lynch's house in Nicholastown a while back, writes Brian Byrne.

Last night's call for names has already brought results. There's no date, but they may be from the 1950s (the ZW registration of the car in the background would confirm this). Timmy Lynch is in both, and we also see Pat Lynch, Andy Nolan, with Seamie Aspell, and more as below. One of the Mitchells is back left.

Email us if you can fill them out.

UPDATES: They're still coming in ... (Miriam McDonnell: In the front row is Tony Donoghue's father, from Logstown, and the priest is Fr Collier. The third man in the second row is Danny O'Sullivan. Madeline Maher: Second picture the Mitchell is my dad George. Frances O'Connor: Sean Callan between the Nolan brothers, Billy Sammon in front row. Betty Lambe: On the second pic Michael Lambe is the small boy behind the priest, and Sue Goulding's dad is in the suit. Frank Mitchell: I'm pretty sure the Mitchell in the second pic is my uncle George. Brendan Duffy: Benny Duffy with the bushy head of hair in the back row, RHS. Matthew Doyle: Second picture third on the left back row is my dad Matt Doyle; on his right is Jim Byrne on his left is Andy Nolan. Ber Coleman: Peter Paul Coleman is centre right.)

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