Saturday, July 28, 2018

Bugsy got what was comin' to him

Evelyn O'Sullivan was on the run, writes Brian Byrne. Surprisingly, though, in the opposite direction to CPC. Where the curtain was due to rise on her Drama Dynamics summer stage show in around 15 minutes.

"I need guns," she said breathlessly as we met on the footpath. That sounded serious. Was the show going to be so bad that an unimpressed audience might have to be kept at bay by force? Then I remembered. Bugsy Malone. Guns. A match.

"Water guns," Evelyn clarified before rushing off again, to the Euro bargains shop.

Later, on stage before the show, to a large audience of parents, grandparents, and her summer stage performers' siblings, there was some unfinished business before curtain up. Presentations leftovers from the recent Drama Dynamics inaugural Awards, for students who hadn't been around on the night.

"Lucy Coller was the recipient of a Teachers Award. A Transition Year student at Newbridge College, this was her first year with Drama Dynamics, and she got distinction in Grade 4 speech and Drama, her first exam ever. She also played the 'Queen of Hearts' in our 'Act Dance Perform' production of 'Alice' in the Moat Theatre Naas in March.

"Ava Lombard won an Award for her kindness to others in the class, being a team player and looking out for others. She also got honours in Kindergarten grade, her first ever speech and Drama exam."

There were also presentations of silver medals from LAMDA for Jessica Harte and Emmet O'Sullivan. Both had also received Distinction in their Grade 8 Speech and Drama exams, Emmet being awarded a 'Higher Achiever Award'. Jessica is a Captain in Holy Family College, Newbridge.

Then it was 'on with the show'. And what can we say? OK, when there have only been four days to learn lines, dances and stage moves, the prompters do have to work a little harder. Especially when the age range of the performers runs from probably six through everything in between to teens. So there's as much entertainment watching that being sorted as in the main thrust of the show itself.

And that show was fun. Both for those taking part and for the proud parents and grandparents watching their youngsters blossom in front of an audience and in their own stage interactions. It created memories that will endure through the lifetimes of all present.

I had the thought that it was just like the summer gang games my generation used to play, in Blackers Wood across the way from CPC. But organised, and with someone to show to.

And the water guns today are better ...

Well done to all.

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