Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Water leak now 'scheduled for repair'

Repairs to the long-running water leak at the Back Lane will be carried out on Sunday morning next, according to Deputy Martin Heydon, writes Brian Byrne.

Following a lengthy correspondence with Irish Water, in which he insisted that the leak should be repaired given the water conservation policy, he was informed yesterday that the works are 'provisionally scheduled'.

Irish Water had told him on 9 June that the matter 'had been investigated by the Local Water Department, who determined the leak to be a private issue'.

IW said the customer has already been informed of the update from the investigation and had been 'encouraged' to engage the services of a private plumber/contractor to carry out any necessary repairs, and that unfortunately they could not be of any further assistance on the matter.

The 'customer' was described as the 'owner of the private car park' in the Lane.

Deputy Heydon then told IW that there was a serious health and safety issue. He was subsequently informed the matter was being dealt with.

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