Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Water leak 'not on my property' - Derek Walsh

The owner of Eurospar, Derek Walsh, has clarified with the Diary that the description by Irish Water of the Back Lane water leak location as being on the property of 'the owner of the private car park' is untrue, writes Brian Byrne.

This reference was made repeatedly in correspondence between Deputy Martin Heydon and Irish Water, which has finally resulted in a repair date being scheduled for next Sunday.

Following a query from the Diary, Derek said he had contacted Irish Water about the leak four times over the last five weeks, and explained to them that the Back Lane is a common entrance for all Main Street properties and there is no one owner.

"When I asked them could they give me the name of the 'customer' whom they had told it was on their property when they were investigating, they weren't able to," Derek says. "I know a lot of people presumed that it was on my property, but the lane is common property to all who live off or have access through it to their property."

Derek says he wasn't prepared to undertake repairs himself in case it developed into something much more major, and he has now been informed that Kildare County Council will be repairing the leak.

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