Thursday, June 21, 2018

Momentum gathering for Kilcullen 700

The plan to make 2019 a year of celebration to mark the 700th anniversary of the building of the first bridge across the Liffey at Kilcullen is gaining momentum, writes Noel Clare.

A coordinating committee is now in place with officers to date Nessa Dunlea (Chair), Lorna Brophy (Secretary) and Derek Phelan (Treasurer). There was a good attendance at the latest public meeting to plan the year and lots of ideas are being circulated and events planned.

Events that normally happen throughout the year will also be built in to the calendar for the year — eg Christmas and Easter Market, River Festival, St Patrick's Day Parade, sporting events etc. Special events will also mark the year and at the moment there are tentative plans for a special 'street feast' type day in June where people in different areas/estates will come together firstly in their own areas for some food and refreshments and then all will gather for a special event in the square. The idea is to get people from all areas out and mixing with each other.

A special event to commemorate the 1798 rebellion is also in the pipeline along with a garden party to celebrate Bloom's Day on June 16th.

The year will kick off with a New Year's Ball in Fallons and on New Year's Day it is hoped that if all goes according to plan lighting may be activated at the tower of Old Kilcullen and a light brought from there to the bridge in Kilcullen. This could remain lit for the duration of the year.

Events will also take place around art, music, history and culture. Evelyn O'Sullivan (Drama Dynamics) hopes to put on an outdoor performance of A Mid-Summer Night's Dream. Kilcullen Photographic Club are hoping to produce a 2019 calendar which will highlight events for the year. There is also a plan to involve local businesses where possible.

One suggestion was that on Culture Night in 2019 local businesses would each put on some event and people could wander through the town 'dipping in and out' of each.

There is still a lot of work to be done but there certainly seems to be no shortage of ideas. In the meantime community organisations and businesses are being encouraged to think up their own events or to try find ways to put a 'Kilcullen 700' slant on regularly planned events.

A Google calendar is being created to keep track of events and to avoid clashes. If you have ideas or would like to become involved please contact any of the committee mentioned above or email ''.

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