Thursday, June 28, 2018

Dangerous driving concerns in Kilcullen

Traffic lights in Kilcullen.
Concerns have been raised about dangerous driving in Kilcullen from Nicholastown to the traffic lights, writes Brian Byrne.

A resident who has lived here for 35 years has been in touch about cars 'constantly jumping red lights' at the cross, and also speeding traffic coming in from the Athy Road.

"I have even seen cars overtaking outside the Garda Station," he told the Diary. "It's crazy, someone is going to get killed. I'm afraid to leave my children cross the road."

Our correspondent also notes that the Garda Speed Van is never used on the south end of town.

EDITOR'S NOTE: As someone who regularly walks up and down the town, and often drives it too, I can corroborate the fact that there is regular red-light jumping, especially by traffic coming in from the New Abbey Road. There's also, of course, the long running saga of the traffic lights needing an upgrade to be fit for purpose …

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