Saturday, June 23, 2018

Big push for Tidy Towns judging

Bed vandalised earlier in the week is replanted. Pic: KCA.
With judging in the National Tidy Towns taking place over the next two weeks, the Kilcullen Tidy Towns group has appealed for a continuing emphasis on keeping the town well, writes Brian Byrne.

In addition to the major planting carried out over recent days and weeks, there will be further clean-up works going on.

This Saturday morning the main focus will be on the Main Street from the Garda Station to Berneys Saddlers, with weed removal and general sweeping the emphasis.

The group also wants to clean the signposts on Main Street, and paint the planter boxes at the Convent corner and the bank.

Anyone willing to help should turn up at the Town Hall at 10pm. It's hoped the work can be completed in two hours, with enough volunteer aid.

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