Monday, April 30, 2018

From Pinkeen Stream to Crean's Place, diversity in Kilcullen

Some recent work by Kilcullen Community Action on Pinkeen Stream has included placing rocks strategically in order to provide eddies and other suitable conditions for water life, writes Brian Byrne.

The work was done under the supervision of river life expert Dr Jan Baars, who has done much himself to clean up the stream in recent years.

Some planting has also been carried out along the bank, such as the Sprouting Broccoli here. Having a variety of plants near the stream is good for insects, which in turn provide food for the frogs that will form from tadpoles in the stream.

Jan will be conducting his annual 'Biodiversity in the Liffey' talk and demonstration on Saturday 19 May, from the back of the Town Hall, as part of National Biodiversity Week. Always a fascinating event, especially for children.

Meantime, back in the Liffey, our heron is looking hopeful for some late supper of his own (a grab shot with a small camera from a distance, so apologies for the quality). Another sign that our waterways in Kilcullen are in fair good shape.

And speaking of food, I have to say that we had a really superb meal in Crean's Place on Saturday evening (on the way home from which is when I got the shot of the heron). Their Friday and Saturday evening service is well worth a try, and I heartily recommend the steak and the cod.

Meanwhile, the scaffolders arrived on Friday to the church, at the behest of Paddy Sheridan of Wild Kildare, and raised one bar (the big yellow one) a bit so that a few of the swift nesting places which had been blocked are now accessible to the birds. There will be a 'Walk and Talk' about swifts in Kilcullen on 22 May, also part of National Biodiversity Week.

Finally, a note about the weekend on the Diary, if it has seemed less busy than usual it is because I was buried in putting the next Bridge Magazine together. Watch out for it next weekend ...