Sunday, March 04, 2018

Warning on roads 'sliding snow', road workers, fog

Photo Sindre Strom/Pexels.
Though snowdrifts on motorways, dual carriageways and local roads may have been pushed to one side, these still pose dangers to motorists, writes Brian Byrne.

The Road Safety Authority (RSA) has warned about slabs of snow and ice falling or sliding off roadside banks into the paths of cars.

As well as urging motorists to be on guard for these hazards, the RSA is asking that motorists everywhere slow down to ensure the safety of maintenance crews on roads under their jurisdiction.

At a local level, drivers should also be aware of local authority contractors and volunteers who are clearing non-main roads.

Separately, Met Eireann has warned of the risk of extensive fog over the country tonight and into tomorrow morning, especially over the midlands. Road users need to take extra precautions in such conditions, especially in areas badly affected by snow.