Saturday, March 03, 2018

Roads around Kilcullen are mostly passable with care

All main roads in the area are clear, writes Brian Byrne. And back roads in general are getting better at this time (lunchtime, Saturday).

You need to be a bit careful along Sunnyhill, where it's turning to slush but there are still remnants of snowdrifts (above) and also one abandoned car near Thompson's Cross.

Still a bit messy heading up towards Old Kilcullen, at the top of which drifts make that part impassible as Anne Burke's picture below shows.

Pic: Ann Burke.
The Yellow Bog road to Milemill has some snow on the surface. The real problem in a number of areas is the re-appearance of some very nasty and getting worse potholes.

The road to Brannockstown is clear, but care is still needed going from there to Carnalway Cross, though problems are likely to diminish fast.

Carnalway to Logstown is OK, but still with surface snow in spots, and slush otherwise makes it slippy.

There's probably a good reason that almost all vehicles I encountered on this short tour were 4WD SUVs.

The town itself is fine for vehicles, but snow on footpaths is an issue, so walk carefully.

The local forecast for tonight is 2degC, with wind chill making it feel like -6degC. However, with a little snow and rain, it's not likely to freeze. Still, it might be another good night for the fire (at home or in the pub!).