Friday, March 30, 2018

Easter Water Blessing

At the Easter Vigil each year holy water is blessed. It is a tradition in Ireland that families bring this Easter water home with them to bless themselves, their homes, vehicles and also the graves of loved ones. Families are encouraged to pray together and bless their homes with the Easter water when they return from Mass on Holy Saturday night or Easter Sunday, or at some other time during the Easter season.

This initiative seeks to recover a traditional religious practice that meant a lot to Irish families. The faithful have always been encouraged to take holy water home and to use it as part of their daily lives. They have also been encouraged to regularly seek God’s blessing on themselves, their families and on their homes, vehicles, religious objects and other items. In Ireland the great affection that people have for deceased loved ones has been shown by the tradition of blessing graves

In Kilcullen and Gormanstown Church, water will be blessed and each family will be invited to take a small bottle of Holy water and the Prayer for the Blessing of Homes with Easter Water. You may bring your own bottle to fill with Holy Water if you so wish.

House Blessing
May God bless this house from top to bottom,
May He bless each lintel, each stone and beam of wood,
May He bless the household and the table on which we place food
May He bless each bed room in which we seek a peaceful sleep,
May He bless the door we open generously to the stranger and the meek – as well as to our relatives and friends.
May He bless the windows through which come the bright beams, of sunlight, moon and stars.
May He bless the rafters above our head and each strong wall surrounding us, May peace love and affection dwell herein and flow towards our neighbours.
May God bless this gathering and keep us from danger,
And May He guide us all together to his Heavenly sanctuary. Amen.