Friday, February 02, 2018

Council to 'review' state of Brannockstown footpath

Kildare County Council is to review the state of a footpath in Brannockstown which is in bad repair, following the raising of concerns that an improved road surface makes it more dangerous for pedestrians in the area, writes Brian Byrne.

The matter was brought up by local resident Paul Aspell, who said that due to the improvements 'without any traffic calming measures' the road section was 'like a race-track' at morning and teatime commuting hours.

Since he first logged the condition of the footpath with KCC in early January, the path has further deteriorated. Paul Aspell told the Council that he was very concerned that there would be a 'serious incident' because the path has become dangerous to walk on.

He has now received a communication from the Council that the area overseer will 'review' the situation 'and repair if possible'.