Sunday, February 18, 2018

A letter to Christopher

An emailed Letter to the Editor from Christopher James Corrigan for the February issue of the Bridge Magazine asked some questions regarding the Teach na nDaoine project, writes Brian Byrne.

Mr Corrigan gave his address, and in a subsequent email said that he would prefer if his details 'were not disclosed at this time'. Perfectly reasonable, as it is policy in The Bridge to publish letters which come with 'name and address with Editor' requests, while totally anonymous letters will not be published.

Mr Corrigan was articulate, to the point, and his questions were not untoward. Though research through the Kilcullen Diary over the years since the Teach na nDaoine project was initiated would provide answers to many of them. Other answers would have been available in past editions of The Bridge. And a leaflet produced by the TnD Committee in December is also a comprehensive source for the projected costs, the spending, and exact plans for the building now under construction, and its projected use.

I'm writing this piece for a number of reasons. One, as I have for the moment taken over the production management of The Bridge on behalf of the magazine's board, the Letter crossed my virtual desk and it seemed reasonable to publish it.

Two, the Letter referenced an article I wrote some weeks ago outlining some of the support which Kilcullen people have given to a range of worthy causes. So I know he will read this, as he obviously follows the Diary.

Three, because it seems indeed, that Christopher J Corrigan may not exist. The address given was somebody else's, who told me when I went to it at the weekend that he 'hadn't a clue' about at Christopher Corrigan at that house.ou know.

As I said, the questions were not untoward. But by taking someone else's local address so that it would look real, the writer collapsed their somewhat lofty position on behalf of 'The People'. A query to the email address used has at the point of writing not been answered. In fairness to the Teach na nDaoine committee referenced in the letter, this needs to be said.

NOTE: I have revised this piece because a couple of people felt I was initially being too hard on the letter writer. And that I was perhaps deflecting attention away from the questions being raised in the letter. That of course is not the case. However, it does mean that all such contributions sent to the Bridge will require some form of independent verification as to the author's existence as described. Which is a good point to note that the deadline for the March Bridge is tomorrow, 20 February.