Friday, January 19, 2018

Unanticipated sweet night of theatre

Kilcullen theatregoers had an unanticipated treat recently with the one-night production of Martina Reilly's 'Tale of the Expected' in the Town Hall Theatre, writes Brian Byrne.

The play from the Maynooth-based novelist was presented by Down At Heel Productions and was directed by the author herself, with a very strong cast telling the eternal tale of young love.

Well, actually the two main protagonists were not in love at first, even though Lana (Netanya Curtis-Douglas) was pregnant with Roman's (Donnagh Mayoch) child after a brief and dark encounter in a garden. What we got through the hour and a half was a skilful presentation of their journey to love, despite the distractions of family and friends who meant well, but inevitably made their journey more awkward.

A really good use of lighting by Joe Gannon, and clever miming from all of the cast to show a range of spaces and happenings without the need for elaborate sets, kept the whole thing moving swiftly along. In particular, a couple of bus journeys, and a near-drowning were brilliantly done, with the help of a cast that spent the whole play on stage but were only evident as individuals when the story required their input.

A lot of people didn't make it to the play, which was their loss. 'A Tale of the Expected' (and there are some effective 'unexpecteds' in it too) may well be back to Kilcullen. But in the meantime it is being staged in Rathangan tomorrow, Saturday 20 January. Get to it if you can.

The author-director is pictured in Kilcullen with Kilcullen Drama Group members John Martin and Nessa Dunlea.