Sunday, August 27, 2017

Note on use of 'Diary' photographs

As I’m seeing a number of my photographs increasingly appearing on other news sites, I’m just setting out the rules for their use, writes Brian Byrne.

My policy is, and always has been, that any of my photographs I use on the Kilcullen Diary and related social media sites are free for anyone to copy, download, print or anything else, as long as it is not for commercial or any inappropriate use.

They are also free for any relevant individual or group to repost on their own social media sites, as single or multiple sets, again as long as not for commercial or inappropriate use.

However, I would appreciate if whenever they are reposted on a Facebook or Twitter feed, that the ownership of the pictures be acknowledged in the form ‘Photos by Brian Byrne/Kilcullen Diary’.

Such attribution will make it clear to commercial organisations the ownership of pictures they ‘harvest’ from Facebook or Twitter for their own use.

Many thanks.

My general policy on news photographs related to the Diary and other outlets is outlined below. Please note that this policy is constantly under review and will be amended and expanded as required by changing external regulations.

All photographs taken by me in my role as a journalist are with a view to publication on the Kilcullen Diary and its associated Facebook and Twitter feeds, as well other outlets such as The Bridge Magazine and the Kildare Nationalist, and any other publications to which I contribute.

Sets of photographs from events, whether public, or private to which I have been invited to cover, may be posted/stored on Google Photos and/or Flickr and/or accounts related to myself as a journalist or to Kilcullen Diary as publication, as expanded publication and news archives from those events, generally linked to from the related posted stories and available to anyone with the relevant link.

Photographs submitted by or commissioned from other sources may also be so published, and will, as far as is possible or desired by the copyright owner, be given the image credit. Such photographs do not come under the conditional 'free to use' permission I provide in relation to my own photographs, and the credited copyright owner must be contacted for any use beyond my journalistic outlets.

Where I am asked to cover events by any organisation involved with children, such as schools, it is on the understanding that the school or other entity has in the normal way gained the written permission from parents for such photography to be conducted.

Where I cover events in public spaces that include children in the context of news background or as elements of 'street photography' at such events I will not identify them in any way beyond what may be apparent in the context, such as the wearing of a school uniform.

Any photographs or videos taken by me in my journalistic capacity will not be used in any marketing activity by myself or the Kilcullen Diary, and may not be so used by any other individual, group, or organisation.

Should anyone have an issue with any personal photograph published, they should contact me at with the details — date, story title, any other relevant information — and I will engage to resolve the matter. My phone number may also be used for contact, 086 8267104.

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