Thursday, August 03, 2017

Big music to star at River Festival

An as yet un-named star music attraction will feature at the Kilcullen River Festival on 27 August, writes Brian Byrne.

Preparations are well underway for the Festival, which returns after a one-year break following six years of successful marking of the end of summer in Kilcullen.

The organising committee have had to abandon plans to return the soap-box derby which was a hit (literally on occasion) at the last one held. This is because of insurance constraints, also the reason why there's no Tug O'War planned.

But the always popular Raft Race will be taking place, and the Duck Race which raises funds for Kilcullen Lions.

Brian Fallon, pictured above with other committee members Steve Kinneavey and Alan O'Connell, says there is a high craft content among the stands which have booked space for this year's event.

All we want now is the weather …