Tuesday, July 04, 2017

View on new development name

There was good news recently that the land beside the Church car park at the back of the Hideout will soon be developed to an appealing design of town houses which will be very attractive for anyone wishing to live close to the centre of the town, writes Jim Collins. I wish the owner of the project every success.

To date in Kilcullen great care has been taken in naming new developments, as names chosen will be part of our future community for many decades to come. The name of Millstream Court has been mentioned for the new development. However, may I make a comment, and suggestion?

The development is a long way from the Millstream and Court? On exiting the new development looking right on to the New Abbey Road a few attractive names for the development come to mind. Liffey View. Valleyside. Mountain View.

The name Millrace is very suitable for the down town development of apartments as it is on the site of the old mill and millrace. Like so with The Market Square which is in the square.