Monday, July 10, 2017

Brannoxtown NS WILL open in September — Liaison Group

The meeting on Thursday night in the Community Hall was well attended, says a statement issued on behalf of the Community Liaison Group. At this meeting the Liaison Group reported that local resident Conor O'Toole has been appointed Chairperson of the Board of Management of the school. Two more locals Rosie Sheehan and Jim Byrne are now also part of the Board.

The Community Liaison group will also remain in place to ensure communication channels are maintained and improved.

The school will still open in September and will have two teachers on the staff. There will also be a preschool and after school group operating in the school premises.

Parents were asked to give a commitment, definite or provisional that their children would return to the school. They were reminded that even if a child is enrolled elsewhere in the past few weeks they still retain their place at Brannoxtown and can return there.

The need to retain the spirit of community connectivity based in the school was discussed and plans made for Community events over the Summer to help to bring people together.

Once again our thanks to the Baptist Community and Pastor Blayney for facilitating the meetings and provided the refreshments afterwards.