Tuesday, June 20, 2017

World Vision event raises €2,000

Last Sunday's Midsummer Melodies Garden Party in La Touche Cottage, Brannockstown, in aid of World Vision raised just over €2,000, writes Brian Byrne.

And according to the host for the event, Mrs Olive Dunlop, the fund is 'still open'. "The proceeds of this event are earmarked directly for World Vision activities," she told the Diary. "It was also a lovely way of bringing the local community together."

Apart from raising money through the generous donations of those who attended, Olive was anxious to raise awareness of the global work of World Vision, the Irish branch of which her late husband Pastor Robert Dunlop was a founder.

It is one of the largest privately-funded NGOs in the world, dealing particularly with refugee children, and with a speciality in answering needs in emergency disaster situations. One of the major projects at the moment is helping at the Bidi Bidi & Imvepi Refugee Settlement Camps in Northern Uganda, trying to alleviate some of the refugee issues from the current war in South Sudan.

Irish actor Liam Cunningham, best known as Davos Seaworth in the HBO epic-fantasy series Game of Thrones, recently visited Bidi Bidi with World Vision.