Monday, June 26, 2017

Brannoxtown NS faces 'imminent closure'

A crisis public meeting on the future of Brannoxtown NS will be held on Wednesday next, 28 June, writes Brian Byrne, to try and stop what is described as the possibility of the 'imminent closure' of the school.

The meeting will be in the Baptist Church Hall starting at 9pm, and the Diary has been told that the help of the local community is 'desperately needed' to avoid a closure.

We have been told that 'pupils are not returning' to the school in September. A spokesperson said 'all input' to Wednesday's meeting is 'valid and very welcome', and everyone in the community is urged to attend.

Deputy Martin Heydon is working with all concerned to try and sort out the issue. He told the Diary the current situation is potentially 'disastrous'. "But I want to do everything possible to make sure the school stays open."

A brand new school building was opened (pictured above) in 2013, at which time there were 85 pupils. We now understand that the roll stands at around half that, and there is a real possibility that this will diminish further by September. A number of longtime members of the Board of Management have left in recent times. And staff numbers have also diminished.

The School was originally established in 1855 by the local Baptist Community and became a school in the Kilcullen Catholic Parish in 1922.