Tuesday, April 04, 2017

'Appeal proposed rates valuations' — TD

Businesses concerned about their new rates valuations should make sure they lodge an appeal before the closing date of 18 April, writes Brian Byrne.

This was the advice given by Kildare South TD Deputy Martin Heydon to a public meeting at the Clanard Court Hotel last week.

The Deputy said he could understand the frustration of business owners with many elements of what is a complex process.

“While there are actions we can take through legislation to improve the process, the first and most vital step is to ensure that every business that has an issue with their proposed rates gets an appeal in by 18 April 18,” he said, adding that appeals should be backed up by evidence and facts as much as possible, particularly of other rental valuations in your the appellant’s area.

He urged those present to use the Property Services Regulatory Authority to search for details of commercial leases in their area for comparison purposes. .

“I also confirmed at the meeting that under section 56 of the 2001 valuation Act, Kildare County Council cannot benefit from any recalibration of rates such as this and that Minister Coveney will sign an order in that regard.

“'A number of sports clubs have contacted me also, they too must appeal but I will be pushing for legislation to take account of sports halls that currently are being rated for having teenage disco's in their halls. The valuation office are wrong in this interpretation to rate these halls and I will push for a change in the law if those clubs aren't successful on appeal.”