Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Choices from Woodbine Books

Paris For One And Other Stories - Jojo Moyes

This is an entertaining collection of nine short stories about troubled relationships from the perspective of a female character in each story. Its an easy and relaxing read that can be dipped in to as time allows.

It Can't Happen Here - Sinclair Lewis

A 1935 bestseller, it tells the story of a US presidential candidate who taps into the anger of dispossessed voters with promises that he will make America proud and prosperous. Once elected, he dismantles democratic safeguards in the name of reorganising the government, undermines and suppresses the press and introduces a totalitarian regime. The majority of people support the changes initially but when the promised prosperity fails to materialise things go downhill with the president initiating an invasion of Mexico in an effort to regain the support of his people. Worse is to come as the country descends into civil war. Its not cheerful reading but is thought provoking 80 years on.

Adam Sharp - Graham Simsion

From the author of The Rosie Project, this is a novel about love, regrets, second chances and whether or not we have the courage or recklessness to act on them.