Tuesday, December 20, 2016

More info on school crossing issue

I've had an update on the school crossing issue, from Ray Kelly, chairman of Kilcullen Community Action, writes Brian Byrne.

It seems that there was a plan provided to Ray on 14 October, by Cllr Rob Power, though only after he requested it — it seems not to have been circulated locally in advance. Ray requested the plan after hearing at the KCA-organised local reps public meeting that something was scheduled to be done.

The plan shows clearly that there was never an intention to put a second marked crossing on the road to the Community Centre, which validates the guidelines from the NRA that an uncontrolled crossing at the actual exit to the Curragh Road should work all right if both pedestrians and motorists do what they're supposed to.

Also, it seems that the new red 'speed bump' is actually going to be a controlled crossing rather than the black one, which is currently lined as a crossing. So that part of the job isn't completed yet. Maybe someone will inform the concerned residents when it will be?

Ray Kelly also notes that he requested at the same time drawings on the Hillside footpaths works which were soon to start, but received nothing.

"As you say (on the Diary) and as we did say to the local councillors, communication is the best way to resolve issues," he notes. "The Council to date is not great at this."