Saturday, November 26, 2016

Woodbine's antidote to Black Friday

Are you ‘Black Friday’ed out? Bored, annoyed, or even depressed about the in your face and seemingly endless advertisements for this transatlantic import booming at you to buy, from every news media?

Well, writes Brian Byrne, in Kilcullen there’s an antidote today, Saturday. In Woodbine Books they’re having another import from the USA, Civilised Saturday.

That’s when independent bookshops encourage people to come in to a relaxed atmosphere and browse, take it easy, chill out.

Aidan and Dawn are providing treats, prosecco and fruit punch throughout the day to visitors who want some relief from the craziness. And there’s some story-telling for their younger visitors too. Oh, and a stock of some 4,500 books to browse.

No telly. No rat-a-tat-tat ads. No pressure. Ahhh …