Friday, November 11, 2016

Cones still rule in Kilcullen

Works around the town on footpaths are continuing today ahead of the weekend, writes Brian Byrne.

The path to Lui na Greine is getting its tarmac infill and looks very neat, and will certainly be appreciated by the residents who up to now have had to go out on the road or trudge a wet verge to get to their homes on foot.

The Hillside footpath is also now beginning to look closer to finish. In this process, both the path and the road have been narrowed, to allow for marked parking spaces for residents.

Down at Scoil Bhride, they're now preparing the Cnoc na Greine back road for a pedestrian crossing. However, another pedestrian crossing to the school which had been expected across the Community Centre road, hasn't yet materialised. We're hoping that changes apparently under way to a footpath section which had been finished last week mean that somebody has remembered that crossing?

Thompson's Cross? Well, we're not sure if anyone in the Council's Roads Department is listening, or looking, or caring. A bit of the three monkeys syndrome? (Speak no, See no, Hear no.)