Sunday, October 30, 2016

Sarah enthrals at Woodbine Books

Woodbine Books became a very special place for children yesterday when storyteller Sarah Tully came along to enthral them, writes Brian Byrne.

The event had a Halloween flavour, and in addition to the stories there was facepainting and goodies. "There were good numbers and the children really seemed to enjoy themselves," says Aidan Cunnane, who with his wife Dawn Behan recently opened Kilcullen's first dedicated bookshop.

"Imagination and creativity are the magic of childhood," says Sarah Tully. "My dream is to remind as many children as I can that they have this magic hidden inside their own heads. With their imagination, they can be transported anywhere at any time. Perhaps if enough children are reminded of their own magic they will be happier, kinder adults? I know it's a challenging dream to have — but I know I can do it!"

Watch out for more good reasons to stop by Woodbine in the coming months. (Pic by Aidan Cunnane.)