Monday, October 03, 2016

Community Awards nomination in mind? Do it now!

You know that person in your circle who always has the back of you or your friends and acquaintances when there’s a problem? Who, usually quietly, offers support, friendship, or just takes charge when necessary?

Or there’s the person who gives spare time constantly to helping with a community or charitable organisation? Or a network of people who keep things going in the community, simply because they want to?

Then there are groups, small and larger, who help out as fundraisers for a cause, often in a ‘pop-up’ fashion for a specific need. They too don’t do it for the fame, but because it’s in their nature to do the right thing when it needs to be done.

Kilcullen has a large cohort of such people and groups. And now is the community’s chance to acknowledge what they do. If you know someone who fits any of those descriptions — or any other community good situation — nominate them for the annual KCA Kilcullen Community Awards. This year the Awards will be presented on Thursday 3 November, in Kilcullen Heritage Centre.

A nomination can be given to any member of KCA/Tidy Towns, or emailed to This year the nominations for the Awards will be managed by an independent panel drawn from the community.

Do it now.