Sunday, October 16, 2016

Centre wants KCC to help with insurance of access

Kilcullen Community Centre has written to Kildare County Council to see if the authority's Parks Department can cover access paths and roads to the campus for insurance purposes, writes Brian Byrne.

The issue was raised at the recent meeting with local political representatives hosted by Kilcullen Community Action, when Liam Sherry of the Pitch & Putt Club noted that all organisations on the site had to indemnify the Community Centre against claims for using the access.

The problem applies to paths from the Nicholastown side and the main access to the campus from the Curragh Road, all of which are technically private ways.

"People use these as public ways, and that can bring difficulties relating to insurance liability," Liam Sherry says.

In addition to the sports hall, all-weather pitch and meeting rooms provided by the Centre, eight other local community and sports organisations located on or near the campus use the access.

At the meeting, Deputy Martin Heydon suggested the Council would be open to considering the insurance issue.