Monday, September 05, 2016

Appeal for soul for Castlemartin wall

A suggestion by local resident Mark Reid that the long wall running from Cnoc na Greine to the Curragh Road at the entrance to Castlemartin Estate be decorated in some way has been met with enthusiastic approval, writes Brian Byrne.

He says that what he calls an 'endless soulless wall' could be lovely if each section of it was decorated by different people or groups.
Mark Reid with Kenny Rorie and 44 others in Kilcullen.

"My thoughts were — well, up to each artist — to adorn each section which could be graffiti (but personally would not be in favour of all or too much graffiti art)," he wrote on his Facebook page, "or a mosaic, some planting (that could need maintenance and means commitment to the space), a relief sculpture. People will think of more ingenious ideas I am sure. But anything to decorate what is, to me, a long boring walk. Let's make it interesting!"

More than 30 of his fellow residents have come on board to support the idea with comments. Armelle Soimboing says it's 'brilliant', Sandra Petit-Frere said it sounds 'very doable' and to count her in, Karen Rooney suggested part of it could be 'something organic' like plants, and Nichola Hart proposed a competition in which groups or individuals in the town might present their ideas.

Now it's a case for people to get together and plan the project. With such instant positive reaction, it's entirely possible that the ‘endless soulless wall' will have multiple personalities by next year.