Friday, August 19, 2016

'Speed bumps needed' on New Abbey Road

A New Abbey Road resident has called for traffic calming measures on the stretch outside his home, following the latest in a series of crashes there, writes Brian Byrne.

This one happened on Wednesday evening, when a car impacted with a wall beside the gate pillar at Millstone House, home of Jim and Nuala Collins.

“It was another serious crash, and luckily nobody was killed — this time,” Jim Collins told the Diary. “This is the fourth crash here in eight years in which people were injured.”

Commenting that there’s ‘too much speed’ on the New Abbey Road, Jim wants Kildare County Council to install speed bumps on the stretch.

In recent years the Council extended the 60km/h limit to out beyond the scene of the latest crash, but the Collins’s have always maintained that it should be a 50km/h limit there.