Thursday, April 16, 2015

Billy planning memorabilia event

Following on from the reaction to his own memorabilia at the 'Open All Hours' event in the Library, Billy Redmond is planning an event in the Heritage Centre whereby anyone in the community can come along and 'show and tell'.

"It's for any kind of old stuff, plates, chairs, anything at all from yesteryear," he says. "Instead of having the items locked away where nobody can see them, wouldn't it be smashing to have them on display for a day for all to see?"

As well as the enjoyment of showing and seeing old memorabilia, Billy suggests that the event could help build a database of just what is in the community. "Then it could be assembled for display on other occasions, such as festivals."

Billy is willing to take on the job of kicking this one off, so if there's anyone out there willing to join in, give him a call at 087 6311177.