Sunday, July 24, 2016

Cricket team continues long tradition

An English cricket team coming to play Halverstown at home next Friday was put together more than three decades ago as a motley crew of friends for a tour of matches in Ireland, writes Brian Byrne.

The White City All-Stars was established by Peter Oborne, whose father was attached to the British Embassy at the time, from amongst a group of his student friends. He later became a highly-respected journalist.

The tour became an annual one, and now includes many of the original group as well as some of their younger family members and other ’new blood’.

In the mix of today’s White City All-Stars are those who became celebrated journalists, artists, and authors over the course of the 32 years.

Halverstown Cricket Club has its pitch at Harristown, and is a regular stop on the tour which also takes in venues in Kilkenny, Athlone, Galway and Wicklow.

After Friday’s game with Halverstown, the visitors will be entertained as usual at The Mill (Markeys) in Mile Mill.

Halverstown's season runs from April through September, and they play more than 30 games during it.