Monday, April 11, 2016

Work to start on Trail repair

Weather permitting, work is expected to begin this week on repairing the section of the Kilcullen Farm & Nature Trail at Bridge Camphill which was damaged by high river levels earlier this year, writes Brian Byrne.

Around two–thirds of the cost has already been raised by donations, and the Camphill management have decided to go ahead with the work so it will be available to people to use during the remainder of the spring and the coming summer.

"All continuing donations will be most gratefully appreciated," says Mischa Fekete of Bridge Camphill, adding that he hopes the improvements will be completed within the week.

The work involves laying a concrete section on the Trail where it is most vulnerable to floods, on the old weir. It isn't going to be raised beyond flooding level, but if the section is overcome by high river levels in the future, the path won't be damaged.

The relevant section of the Trail has been closed since the flooding, which was the second time it had been inundated since it was built in 2012 with the help of the Difference Days organisation which brings in staff members of companies to help with community projects.

In the Kilcullen operation, some 250 employees of the Irish branch of Boston financial services company Fidelity Investments came to the Bridge Camphill campus to work on the Trail.

The 700 metres circuit of Bridge Camphill has proved to be a major attraction to both local people and visitors to the town.

Donations towards the total cost of the repairs can be left in to An Tearmann, or transferred directly to the Bridge Camphill management itself.