Saturday, April 16, 2016

KCA mulls acquisition of mower

The acquisition of a ride-on mower would enable Kilcullen Community Action to more easily keep large grass areas in the town trim, the organisation's recent meeting decided, writes Brian Byrne.

Noel Clare said there are areas too big to be properly maintained with a standard mower, such as the approach roads to the town. "And with a ride-on, we could trim the grass areas more often," he noted.

Ray Kelly noted that the Council provides grants towards the cutting of grass on private estates, but doesn't maintain the approach roads grass itself. "I'd be looking for a donation from them towards doing that work," he said.

The discussion moved along to mower prices, which could be several thousand euros. Noel Clare suggested it would be better to buy new and trade it in every three years, and Ray Kelly said that was what Avondale residents have been doing over the last decade.

Niall McDonnell suggested that there might be an opportunity for some business or businesses to sponsor the purchase of a mower.

Ray de Courcy said he'd check out the kind and cost of mowers available.