Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Centenary medal holders rehearse for parade

A marshalling was held in the Town Hall last night of the Kilcullen Centenary Medal Holders, people who have IRA and War of Independence medals of Kilcullen family members, writes Brian Byrne.

Most of those who will take a special role in the St Patrick's Day Parade on Thursday were there, with organiser of the section John Brady assigning places in the group.

There will also be a number of youngsters in the section, representing the future of Ireland today, and the group will be led on the day by a piper from the Narraghmore Pipe Band.

Those participating include Pat Lynch, who will carry his father Pat Snr's father's medals; Mick Pender, with his father's 1916 medal; Martin Burke, with his grandfather James Aspell's medal; Seamus Byrne, with his father James's medal; Jim Collins, with his father James's and mother Daisy's medals; Carmel Bagnall, with her father Patrick's medal; Larry FitzHarris; John Brady, a cousin of Kilcullen John's, from Dublin; Julie O'Donoghue, with her great uncle William Bagnall's medal; Julie's grandson, Daniel Gaffney, with John Bagnall's medal; Kilcullen's John Brady, with his father James's medal; and John Duffy, with his father Michael's medal.

The Parade kicks off at 12 noon, and has 1916 as its theme.