Friday, May 01, 2015

Social Centre mooted for Kilcullen

The provision of a Social Centre in Kilcullen which would be a community hub for a variety of local people is being promoted by a group of local people, writes Brian Byrne.

The idea is the brainchild of Jacinta Sully and Albert Keenan, who came up with thought while having a chat last winter.

They have identified a property in the town and are currently in negotiations with the owner, and an answer may be as close as the end of May.

Some work would have to be done on the premises, and a fundraising committee has been set up for the project, under the banner of 'Teach na Daoine', or 'House of the People'.

Along with Jacinta and Albert, this committee comprises Martin Heydon, Joe Dooley, Liz Maloney, Steve Kineavey, Noel Clare and John Brady.

"We will be asking lots of people to help out with different areas," Jacinta says. "We hope Teach Na Daoine will be a great social network area for many people in the community, a place where they can have a cup of tea, chat, watch the races, a film, or play a game of cards."

There's more on the project in 'The Bridge' due to be published this weekend.