Thursday, November 16, 2006

Work continues at Pinkeen

There's been a lot of Kildare County Council activity at Pinkeen/Castlemartin Hill over the last while. Thing is, it has been a long while.


We've all known, for several years now, that there is a major problem with the road at the exit from the Castlemartin estates.

There are problems with the sewerage in the area, it seems. There is anecdotal, olefactory, and visual evidence to this effect.

And the problems don't seem to be close to being solved.

The road surface in the area is appalling. And has been so for a long time.

castlemartin0491The Diary also notices that there's a realignment of the exit/entrance to the Castlemartin estates under way just now.

What we can't understand is the way they're doing the realignment, which will require traffic turning from the Kilcullen direction to take a much more difficult turn than before.

And if, as is apparently planned, the exit becomes the way onto the Curragh Road from the Athy Road -- effectively a badly needed bypass of Kilcullen for heavy goods vehicles as well as commuter cars -- it is going to be very narrow and poorly angled for that purpose.


Now, having been taken to task for this kind of comment before by Kildare County Council, who is your Editor to question such matters? I'm not an engineer. Nor a civil servant. What do I know?

Not much, maybe. But I am qualified to ask questions, as is anybody.

Answers, though, come scarce. I was recently told bluntly by a KCC official that 'we usually ignore those' when I noted that I hadn't had responses to a number of queries through the normal channel. Despite promises of being 'reverted' to with relevant answers.

Brian Byrne.