Friday, May 18, 2018

Your Majesty, please come visit us again

A return visit by Queen Elizabeth of the United Kingdom to Kilcullen is urgently needed, writes Brian Byrne, as the wall over the Valley Park has started to fall apart again.

It is exactly seven years since the wall was repaired prior to the Queen's last visit, so that it wouldn't look bad as she passed through on her way to Gilltown Stud.

Prior to than, local people and community organisations had been lobbying since 2007 to have the wall repaired, as it posed a danger to people in the park as well as being an eyesore.

Despite that, it was always a case of 'we haven't the money', until some was miraculously found prior to the royal event.

Fancy a little r'n'r break back here again after the wedding, Ma'am?

(That last visit also sparked another memory about the wall, from 90 years previously.)