Friday, May 04, 2018

'Windows Tech' scammers operating in 045 again

The Windows phone scammers are operating in this area over the last few days, writes Brian Byrne.

The usual trick: "Hello? I am calling you from the Windows Technical Department ... we have noticed that a malware software has been installed on your computer without your knowledge ... are you sitting near your computer? ... What do you see? ... (and so on until, eventually, a request for a credit card comes into play).

If I'm in the humour, I play dumb and string him along until I eventually let slip that I have a Macintosh computer ... which triggers the realisation that I know he must be a scammer and I have been wasting his time.

But really, it's just as satisfying, and takes less time, to simply scream really loud into the phone and then hang up ...

Whatever, don't give them the chance to take your money.