Wednesday, May 16, 2018

The magic of drama

When John Martin said 'reach down and pull that weed' a momentary puzzlement rippled around the stage of the Town Hall Theatre, writes Brian Byrne.

"Use your imagination," he said. "It's a tough weed. Pull it hard." And so the circle of people who had come to take part in the drama workshop set to weeding the stage, throwing their arms above their heads when they had succeeded in yanking out those stubborn, pesky, imaginary, weeds.

It was good warmup.

Then it was time for introductions. Each person there stood up in the centre, picking an emotion from a list, and introducing themselves with that emotion. It was interesting how many chose 'shy'.

At that point the Diary had to leave, probably fortunately or I might have been dragged into the magic. Because the magic had already started … and there may well be from the evening the genesis of a next production from Kilcullen Drama Group.

A promise of more magic.