Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Referendum meeting

South Kildare Together 4 Yes and Kilcullen 4 Repeal are holding a meeting in the Town Hall Theatre on Saturday next at 2pm.

Representatives will answer questions, and there will be opportunities for voter registration and volunteer signup.

A colouring table will be available to amuse children so parents can talk in peace.

The organisers have set up an event page on Facebook.

Please note that in relation to the upcoming Referendum, the Diary is happy to give notices of meetings or other events if details are sent in from any group, writes Brian Byrne. I will not be reporting on any such meetings, nor will I be publishing articles or advertisements from any individuals, groups or organisations on any side of the issue. This because of the Diary's links through social media, where commentary is uncontrolled and in such an emotive issue can easily be manipulated, hurtfully personalised, or even be defamatory. My decision on this is final.