Friday, March 02, 2018

Kilcullen in shutdown mode

There's a bitter east wind slicing through Kilcullen this morning, and if you don't need to be out, don't be out, writes Brian Byrne.

There's nothing to be out for, anyhow, as the town is totally closed ... it has been since last evening.

(Update at noon: a number of businesses have reopened. Latest updates on openings and closures here.)

Gardai have just issued an alert (9.50am) that all back roads in the area are impassible to normal vehicles, while all main roads will be cleared in the next few hours. They advise bringing a charged mobile if you do go out, and to be alert for the needs of neighbours. Roads to Castledermot, on Curragh, and to Naas all pose difficulties (10am).

The footpaths in town are mostly impassible this morning (9am), because of drifted snow. And walking on the more clear road is a tad dangerous, as you don't hear vehicles coming up behind you.

A deserted Kilcullen at 10.30 last night.
In an hour of trudging around to get a feel of things, I met three people on foot, two tractors, two 4WD pickups and a couple of cars whispering along on the snowed up roads. This at a time when on a Friday morning there'd be traffic lines waiting to get through the lights to school, to work, to wherever we take for granted we can go.

And I'm struck by a thought. If the Gulf Stream shuts down, as some scientists say it could because of the melting of the Arctic ice, it would be like this for two-thirds of the year.

Then maybe we'd get used to it ...